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Ergonomics can help you avoid risk factors that can lead to trauma and injury. The major risk factors associated with office work are:


Force is how much muscle effort is needed to do a task. When the body's tolerance of force, is exceeded injury occurs.


Repetition is how often you perform a specific movement. Excessive repetition can lead to injury.

Awkward Postures

Awkward postures occur when the body performs a task that requires positions that aren’t neutral. Neutral positions include straight wrist, and open angles of 90 degrees at elbows, trunk, knees and ankles.

Static Postures

Another risk factor is postures that are held for long periods of time. These static postures limit the body’s ability to bring oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. The muscles become fatigued and susceptible to injury.

An ergonomic assessment will help you identify these and other risk factors at your work station or home office and will educate you about solutions and exercises that can reduce your potential for injury and pain.